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Dairy farming, not just about milk you buy in store!

Chad McKell Auteur Lareau - Chad McKell

The side of dairy farming people may or may not know about. Milk production in Canada is a very important industry for our economy. However, it’s not just about milking cows and making cheese. Each time I speak about it people are amazed by how much more there is to dairy farming. There is actually a whole business side to dairy farming. Can anyone guess the value of the highest cow ever bought at an auction? After researching myself, the highest I found was 1.2 million dollars. Why would anyone ever pay 1.2 million dollars for a cow? I can tell you right now it is not just because she gives a lot of milk. I grew up on a dairy farm. Kellcrest Farms ltd., a small family farm just outside of Howick QC.  At the time, I never thought Lire la suite…