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Street food reinvented by Les Grillades à Poudrette

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

For the majority of people, “grillade” (or grilling) is synonymous with almost anything that can be cooked on the grill. However, if you’re from Saint-Rémi or Valleyfield, this term means something very specific. “Grillade” is a thin slice of pork belly, which is the same part used for bacon, that is seasoned with salty spices and then smoked on a wood charcoal grill. Valérie St-Onge of VIVA-médias explains that this piece of meat used to be salted as a means of preservation. This would allow the pork belly to be kept longer and less of the meat, which was possibly not even available for purchase in the winter months, would be wasted in large quantities. Today, spices are simply used for culinary enjoyment! This typical meal was the prelude to quite an extraordinary menu for their food truck Les Grillades Lire la suite…

Entrepreneurship in Quebec is shaking up!

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

There is sometimes the false perception that the Quebecers have no entrepreneurial spirit, that Quebec is lagging behind others and that it is impossible to enter the market in this province. Then perhaps you’ll be surprised to hear that Quebec surpasses all the countries of the G7, besides the rest of Canada, when it comes to the ratio of entrepreneurs to overall population? Quebecers are ambitious, creative and innovative — this is enough to allow a province to outperform countries like Germany, the United States, Japan, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Quebecers go after more business opportunities than any other country of the G7 but 38.9% of them don’t go into business for fear of failure despite a favourable economic landscape. Other very interesting figures about entrepreneurship like the one shared above can be found on the Global Entrepreneurship Lire la suite…

Oil heating, to keep or not to keep?

Nicholas Brisson Auteur Lareau - Nicholas Brisson

  Many households are still heated by oil. Some of you may be thinking of switching to another source of heating to either save money in the long run or simply because your current heating system is obsolete. However, oil heating offers advantages that other heating options don’t. For example, if you are thinking of upgrading to an electric system, bear in mind that in case of power failure, you may be deprived of heat for hours. It may also be possible that your electrical panel is not strong enough to power your new heating system, which would translate into additional costs. Oil heating requires regular maintenance. An inspection of the heater and the tank should be performed on a yearly basis, the carbon monoxide detector should be in working order and be checked regularly, and the chimney must be Lire la suite…

Water heaters: don’t get into hot water!

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

What is the best way to raise awareness about the life expectancy of water heaters? In this popular episode of MythBusters, the two experts test the likelihood of a defective water heater rocketing through the roof of a house and into the atmosphere. This type of event would only happen on a very rare occasion if abnormal pressure were to build up in the tank. (Although very interesting, the show must be taken with a grain of salt.) It’s safe to say that your water heater probably won’t blast through your roof, but this doesn’t mean that you aren’t safe from a flood in your basement. In fact, that’s often where water heaters can be found — hidden and forgotten. As a rule of thumb in Quebec, it is recommended that you replace yours every 12 years. However, in some regions Lire la suite…

Man’s best friend, but not the insurer’s!

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

One of the hot topics in the news these last months has been the controversy surrounding pitbulls. Citizens are divided: one side wants to ban this breed of dog in their city, whereas the other doesn’t. Dogs, owners and mayors have been accused… But there will be no finger pointing in this article! However, we thought it would be relevant to talk about the impact that your pet has on your insurance policy because, indeed, there is one. Insurers are especially reticent when it comes to Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans and other breeds that are known to be aggressive. Although we know that these particular breeds are not necessarily meaner than others and that there are Dobermans who wouldn’t hurt a fly, their sheer power and the size of their jaws are more frightening than that of a Chihuahua’s… If you Lire la suite…

Recreational vehicle insurance: Protection for all types of travellers!

Nathalie Lepage et Roxanne Hébert-McKenzie Auteur Lareau - Nathalie Lepage et Roxanne Hébert-McKenzie

When we think back on our childhood, we can all recall an uncle or a cousin who had a trailer on a campground not too far from our home that we would visit. Those memories were usually cherished ones. We’d spend the day on the campground, have a casual dinner and talk around a campfire until the wee hours of the morning. Recreational vehicles were born over a hundred years ago. According to many historians, this would have been the first RV in 1910. It was then that Pierce-Arrow unveiled the first recreational vehicle equipped with back seats that could convert into a bed, a sink behind the driver’s side and a chamber pot. Let’s just say that today’s recreational vehicles have come a long way! However, RVs truly gained popularity in the 1960s. Today, there in no limit to Lire la suite…

Am I properly insured when I drive my old classic Camaro?

Linda Pilotte Auteur Lareau - Linda Pilotte

It all started in Ontario in 1970. A man entered a dealership to buy the latest model of the Chevrolet Camaro and travelled the roads of Quebec in it. He even drove it as far as Napierville where he raced on the legendary Napierville Dragway. It was only 25 years later that I laid eyes on that Camaro for the very first time. She was for sale right, around the corner from where I lived, in a state that was a far cry from the one that had won over the original owner. My husband has always had a passion for old cars and we wanted to pass this passion on, from one generation to the next, to our then 15-year-old son. For this reason, we had decided to purchase this vintage car with the intention of returning it to Lire la suite…

Why does my neighbour pay less than I do?

Pascale Tremblay-Villeneuve Auteur Lareau - Pascale Tremblay-Villeneuve

Throughout our lives, we buy goods and services. Then, we hear about a friend or relative who bought the same thing we did—same make and model—at a different price. In stores, prices may vary, especially as a result of weekly specials, the supplier’s price, and the business’s strategy. But, with insurance, it doesn’t work the same way. So why would your neighbour pay less for home insurance than you? Below you’ll find the answer to this question. First, it is important to know that home insurance premiums vary according to several factors, not your property value alone, as many would think. Based on claims and the various incidents that can occur with regard to home insurance, actuaries gather data to establish correlations between various factors and claim risks. Your insurance premium will therefore be based on all of the characteristics Lire la suite…

Essence Glacier: Delicious ice cream made in Quebec

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

For a few years now, foodies—those epicureans seeking new culinary experiences—have been playing an ever-increasing role in the food industry landscape. This love of food is mainly driven by the youngest members of Generation Y. A study conducted by Piper Jaffray states that 2014 was the first year in which American teenagers spent more money in restaurants than in clothing stores. Spending a full day with your eyes glued to a computer screen will inevitably push you to want to connect with something real after 5 p.m. There is a growing thirst for stimulating experiences that will call on all five senses. This is why people want to travel, make things with their own hands, cook, and taste! The research firm Technomic determined in 2012 that 42% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 36 ate in a fine-dining Lire la suite…

Driving at night: Time to adapt!

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

July 23, 9 p.m. You put your youngest in the backseat, doing up his seatbelt and tucking his blanket with him. You get behind the wheel and put the car in reverse—you’re at last ready for the 12-hour drive to Virginia. It’s finally vacation time! The afternoon was productive in making the last preparations for the next two weeks. The children’s suitcase is full—so much so that it’s spilling into yours. The grass is cut, and your sister has the house key; she’ll be coming to bring the mail in and water the plants. You made it to the pharmacy for last-minute purchases, such as the jar of sunscreen Justin knocked over earlier. The siesta you had planned after lunch was short-lived, but happily you’re now on your way to sun and sea! Night driving is an option that many Lire la suite…

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