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Motorcycle Insurance: The Café Racer

Nicholas Brisson Auteur Lareau - Nicholas Brisson

Whether in fashion, interior design, or architecture, there has been a recent comeback of the vintage look, and now even motorcyclists­ are following the trend. Indeed, you can see more and more café racers on the road. Café racers got their name from the 1950s–1960s British rock scene, where young people were on the lookout for a fast motorcycle that would stand out when travelling between different cafés in England. Generally speaking, this type of motorcycle overlooks comfort in the name of manoeuvrability and handling. The main features distinguishing this motorcycle from others is seen in its lack of fairing, its single-seat saddle, its low-mounted handlebars, and its minimalist paint job. New and used models are equally popular, such as the famous Triumph Bonneville or the Thruxton, which have always maintained their original look. Other models are also commonly converted Lire la suite…

Recreational vehicle insurance: Protection for all types of travellers!

Nathalie Lepage et Roxanne Hébert-McKenzie Auteur Lareau - Nathalie Lepage et Roxanne Hébert-McKenzie

When we think back on our childhood, we can all recall an uncle or a cousin who had a trailer on a campground not too far from our home that we would visit. Those memories were usually cherished ones. We’d spend the day on the campground, have a casual dinner and talk around a campfire until the wee hours of the morning. Recreational vehicles were born over a hundred years ago. According to many historians, this would have been the first RV in 1910. It was then that Pierce-Arrow unveiled the first recreational vehicle equipped with back seats that could convert into a bed, a sink behind the driver’s side and a chamber pot. Let’s just say that today’s recreational vehicles have come a long way! However, RVs truly gained popularity in the 1960s. Today, there in no limit to Lire la suite…