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Driving at night: Time to adapt!

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

July 23, 9 p.m. You put your youngest in the backseat, doing up his seatbelt and tucking his blanket with him. You get behind the wheel and put the car in reverse—you’re at last ready for the 12-hour drive to Virginia. It’s finally vacation time! The afternoon was productive in making the last preparations for the next two weeks. The children’s suitcase is full—so much so that it’s spilling into yours. The grass is cut, and your sister has the house key; she’ll be coming to bring the mail in and water the plants. You made it to the pharmacy for last-minute purchases, such as the jar of sunscreen Justin knocked over earlier. The siesta you had planned after lunch was short-lived, but happily you’re now on your way to sun and sea! Night driving is an option that many Lire la suite…


Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

In Quebec, it is extremely rare to find artists who are able to make a living from their passion. Society invests little in culture, and grants are difficult for artists to obtain. Throw in art enthusiasts (not all of them) who negotiate the price of a work that speaks to them directly with the artist, seeking the lowest possible price. Of course, spending lots of money on something that’s not practical doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. And it’s definitely not in our Quebec culture to do so. Art is a long-term investment. Consider London and New York City. These cultural capitals are in settings that have a longer art history than the province of Quebec, and they have created a place for art and its potential as an economic driving force. Investing in art is investing in our culture, history, Lire la suite…

Happy vacation, Facebook!

Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

Like a virus trying to find a way around antivirus software (or vice versa), a criminal will always try to find new ways to achieve his or her goals. Social networks are really useful to thieves nowadays…. You are relentlessly feeding their infinite hit possibilities. How so? July 17, 2015 post: Huuurrraaaaayyyyy! We’re done packing the car, finally! All ready to go! Headed to (let’s suppose) Cape Cod! (You understand that you can change Cape Cod for any other location more than 30 minutes away from your place.) July 18, 2015 post: Thumbs up, with a seal on the beach in the background. July 19, 2015 post: Beautiful sunset with (name of partner/spouse)! You’ll get tons of Likes on your posts. But, you are also revealing just enough information for a potential thief: your powerlessness to catch him or her Lire la suite…


Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

We hear the ol’ folks say… “In my days, we dug using a pick and shovel and the problems were endless. We’d roll up our sleeves and work hard.” Today, everything has changed. Even oranges have disappeared from Christmas stockings. Even so, we keep digging. We keep digging and although we regularly trade in picks and shovels for mini-excavators, the operation has not streamlined much. Nowadays, we’ve traded in an operation much less manual for one that is a little more complex. With time, our ground has become more elaborate and is composed today of layer upon layer of underground infrastructure. Gas lines, water lines, telephone wires, fibre optics, cables, old oil pipes… And just because you’ve seen a man on his little digger, you think you’re up for the task of digging your future uni-stone walkway? Or you think Lire la suite…


Dominique Sanfaçon Auteur Lareau - Dominique Sanfaçon

Finally! Winter definitely seems to have gone into hibernation. Although different municipalities have not yet finished cleaning up all the gravel left on our roads, there are more and more motorcyclists out there. Perhaps you are one of these people? Picture this: a long weekend is coming up, the weather will be ideal and you’re in a hurry to shine your ride before hitting the open road. However, beyond the appearances and the excitement of taking your motorcycle out for its first ride, here are some tips to keep in mind: Proper mechanical inspection Most motorcyclists possess basic knowledge of mechanics and this is an asset that is quite valued during training to obtain a licence. That being said, whether you proceed with it yourself or through a trusted mechanic, a proper general inspection of your motorcycle is mandatory and Lire la suite…


Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

Whether winter is mild or cold, snowy, wet or dry, or grey or white, it is always too long. Although the days have been getting longer since December 21, the darkest day of the year, they aren’t doing so as quickly as we would like. If you’ve got a little spare cash, there’s a solution: escape winter in Quebec and go bask in the sun on our neighbours’ hot beaches. Here’s a list of things to pack: Light clothing Sandals Sunscreen Beach towel Passport Frisbee Of course, everything will go smoothly. You won’t have any health concerns, cut your hand on coral, get sick, have heat stroke, have a bad fall after a record number of cocktails, or be in a scooter accident. In short, you certainly won’t need travel insurance. Anyways, you’re pretty sure that you’re covered by your Lire la suite…

Miss Fresh: A breath of fresh air in the food industrie

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

Food has always reflected society. Here in Quebec, we haven’t always been – and are not – all shepherd’s pie and poutine. “We are what we eat.” If we take this logic further, we would first consider our Amerindian legacy: corn, sugar, potatoes, and lard (this is not too far from our famed shepherd’s pie combination of cooked meat, corn, and potatoes). However, our rich agricultural resources quickly enabled us to add poultry, pork, and beef to the menu, as well as several fresh vegetables – available in season only back then. The rest of the time, people got by with vegetables they had preserved earlier. The sixties then marked the arrival of several restaurant chains and of the fast food we all know. The contents of our plate also reflect our knowledge and expertise, and now, with the emergence Lire la suite…

Three apps to simplify your life!

Martin Lapointe Auteur Lareau - Martin Lapointe

Given that more than 95% of the earth’s population had a cell phone in 2015, I thought it would be a good idea to write about a few useful apps to simplify your life! CamScanner For starters, I’ll tell you about a tool that is very useful for those who prefer traditional methods, like the fax. Xerox came out with its first office fax machine model in 1964, but the idea originally came to Scottish inventor Alexander Bain in 1842. I think it’s high time we move onto something else. These days, nearly all cell phone plans include picture messaging (MMS—Multimedia Messaging Service), so you can take a picture and send it directly to the recipient via text message or e-mail, at no charge. The other option is to use an app that can replace the fax machine—CamScanner. You open Lire la suite…

Is flipping the idea of the century?

Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

It seems easy, fun, creative, artistic, and brings couples closer. No, we’re not talking about a couples’ Zumba class—we’re talking about house flipping! House flipping is when you buy a house that is in need of some TLC, fix it up over the course of a few weeks or months, and then quickly sell it, turning a profit. Specialty channels are flooded with them, contractors seem to be making a fortune, the media is incessantly writing about them—house flipping is on everybody’s lips. Flipping is all the rage and maybe you think that now you could put your extra spare time to good use and put your skilled hands, basement renovation experience, unparalleled spatial and temporal vision, savings, and friends to work flipping a house. So now you’re the owner of a 1960s bungalow with a fuse box, aluminum wiring, Lire la suite…

Replacement value, the dealer’s offer or an equivalent offer from my broker?

Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

Allow me to set the scene. You walk into your dealership and you make a fabulous purchase. When it comes time to leave the dealership, you enter the Financial Services Manager’s office to deal with some paperwork before you go. That’s when you find out that your expenses are far from over. According to them, you need an extended warranty, a tire warranty, rustproofing, stain protection, an anti-theft device, and a QPF5: replacement insurance commonly known as the dealer’s replacement value. It’s a good product, of course. For a few dozen dollars a month, it guarantees you a new vehicle in the event of total loss of your vehicle. It’s almost silly not to take it. If you say no, it sometimes gives you the impression that you’re upsetting the director of financial services. I’m exaggerating? Not really, as directors Lire la suite…

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