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I’ve never had to file a claim, therefore I will never have to.

Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

My Cegep philosophy classes are long behind me. Most of what I had learned back then is a complete blur. Thankfully, I remember bits and pieces of it once in a while. We had studied sophisms, a concept that is pretty vague when you’re 17 years old. But with time, the concept became clearer. To refresh your memory, sophisms are false arguments, a confusing or slightly incorrect argument used for deceiving someone. We’ve all had this kind of reasoning, including myself. However, that type of thought process should be avoided. Today, I will be doing a risky exercise to tie philosophy and insurance together. “Because it has always been this way, it will always remain this way” is a sophism. A sophism takes into account the past by affirming that something that had always yielded a positive result in the past will Lire la suite…

Flooding… Long-term Preventive Measures and Precautions

Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

We are in the middle of the flood season. And this year, it has been hitting us hard. Flooding occurs more and more often and this means that we need to redouble our efforts when it comes to taking preventive measures … and adopting certain long-term precautions. Two reasons explain why flooding is happening on an increasingly frequent basis: More sudden and heavy rainfalls, as a consequence of climate change. The deforestation and filling of wetlands, which serve as natural sponges. What can be done to prevent this? Not much … water will overflow if it has to … but what we can do is take precautions. Actually, you may still benefit from these measures even if you don’t own a waterfront property… Here are ten tips that are both affordable and easy to put in practice. Most of these Lire la suite…

Your home-based business: is it insured?

Marie Claire Dansereau et Kim Wesley Auteur Lareau - Marie Claire Dansereau et Kim Wesley

You’ve decided to follow your instinct and become an independent worker. You’ve invested your time and money to make your dream a reality. After several weeks of planning, your business is finally up and running… from your home! You’ve notified your clients, your suppliers — you’ve thought of everything… well, almost everything. Have you called your insurance broker to communicate this change to him? You should know that in case of a loss, not having reported your business to the insurer could invalidate your claim. What does “business” refer to? Any continuous or regular pursuit undertaken for financial gain including a trade, profession or occupation. If you’re a hairdresser, an accountant, a interior decorator and you welcome your clients into your home a few evenings a week to offer them personalized services, your broker must be made aware of this. Lire la suite…

The tiny house: an insurance that measures up?

Jessie Hébert-Barbeau Auteur Lareau - Jessie Hébert-Barbeau

Although the number of children per household has considerably decreased in the past few decades, our living space has increased. Since the 80s, the average size of a single-family home is a lot larger. In Canada, that number varies between 1,900 and 2,300 square feet. Seeing as more space translates into a bigger mortgage, more and more people have started to break away from the trend by downsizing and living in tiny houses. What is a tiny house? These small abodes typically measure fewer than 400 square feet. They come in many different forms and are used for an even bigger number of reasons. On wheels First of all, there are mobile tiny homes that are built on trailers and that don’t sit on a foundation. They can be moved around to suit your nomadic desires. This type of dwelling on wheels Lire la suite…

Oil heating, to keep or not to keep?

Nicholas Brisson Auteur Lareau - Nicholas Brisson

  Many households are still heated by oil. Some of you may be thinking of switching to another source of heating to either save money in the long run or simply because your current heating system is obsolete. However, oil heating offers advantages that other heating options don’t. For example, if you are thinking of upgrading to an electric system, bear in mind that in case of power failure, you may be deprived of heat for hours. It may also be possible that your electrical panel is not strong enough to power your new heating system, which would translate into additional costs. Oil heating requires regular maintenance. An inspection of the heater and the tank should be performed on a yearly basis, the carbon monoxide detector should be in working order and be checked regularly, and the chimney must be Lire la suite…

Water heaters: don’t get into hot water!

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

What is the best way to raise awareness about the life expectancy of water heaters? In this popular episode of MythBusters, the two experts test the likelihood of a defective water heater rocketing through the roof of a house and into the atmosphere. This type of event would only happen on a very rare occasion if abnormal pressure were to build up in the tank. (Although very interesting, the show must be taken with a grain of salt.) It’s safe to say that your water heater probably won’t blast through your roof, but this doesn’t mean that you aren’t safe from a flood in your basement. In fact, that’s often where water heaters can be found — hidden and forgotten. As a rule of thumb in Quebec, it is recommended that you replace yours every 12 years. However, in some regions Lire la suite…

Man’s best friend, but not the insurer’s!

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

One of the hot topics in the news these last months has been the controversy surrounding pitbulls. Citizens are divided: one side wants to ban this breed of dog in their city, whereas the other doesn’t. Dogs, owners and mayors have been accused… But there will be no finger pointing in this article! However, we thought it would be relevant to talk about the impact that your pet has on your insurance policy because, indeed, there is one. Insurers are especially reticent when it comes to Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans and other breeds that are known to be aggressive. Although we know that these particular breeds are not necessarily meaner than others and that there are Dobermans who wouldn’t hurt a fly, their sheer power and the size of their jaws are more frightening than that of a Chihuahua’s… If you Lire la suite…

Why does my neighbour pay less than I do?

Pascale Tremblay-Villeneuve Auteur Lareau - Pascale Tremblay-Villeneuve

Throughout our lives, we buy goods and services. Then, we hear about a friend or relative who bought the same thing we did—same make and model—at a different price. In stores, prices may vary, especially as a result of weekly specials, the supplier’s price, and the business’s strategy. But, with insurance, it doesn’t work the same way. So why would your neighbour pay less for home insurance than you? Below you’ll find the answer to this question. First, it is important to know that home insurance premiums vary according to several factors, not your property value alone, as many would think. Based on claims and the various incidents that can occur with regard to home insurance, actuaries gather data to establish correlations between various factors and claim risks. Your insurance premium will therefore be based on all of the characteristics Lire la suite…

Happy vacation, Facebook!

Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

Like a virus trying to find a way around antivirus software (or vice versa), a criminal will always try to find new ways to achieve his or her goals. Social networks are really useful to thieves nowadays…. You are relentlessly feeding their infinite hit possibilities. How so? July 17, 2015 post: Huuurrraaaaayyyyy! We’re done packing the car, finally! All ready to go! Headed to (let’s suppose) Cape Cod! (You understand that you can change Cape Cod for any other location more than 30 minutes away from your place.) July 18, 2015 post: Thumbs up, with a seal on the beach in the background. July 19, 2015 post: Beautiful sunset with (name of partner/spouse)! You’ll get tons of Likes on your posts. But, you are also revealing just enough information for a potential thief: your powerlessness to catch him or her Lire la suite…


Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

Historically, moves always happen on July 1st in Québec. Although this has been part of our reality for many years (since 1974), it has not always been the case. The July 1st date was set by the government to avoid problems related to school changes. Prior to this date, May 1st used to be moving day but imagine the nightmare of kids having to get used to a new school right before year-end exams. So you’re moving and you’re wondering if your premium will increase or reduce in your new area? An insurer’s rating will vary depending on a great number of factors specific to each person. For instance, your age, your experience, your job, your insurable belongings, the state of your home, your credit score and other factors will be taken into account to calculate your premium depending on the insurer. However, Lire la suite…

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