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Sugar rush in Quebec

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

In Quebec, sugaring-off season will begin shortly — a sign that winter will be over soon enough! It’s well-known that springtime every year is characterized by the collection of maple sap, a real goldmine for Quebec. It’s true, maple syrup is the only food product with which we dominate the market, representing 71% of its shares. The industry is comprised of close to 13,500 maple syrup producers and generates around 5,000 jobs. Year after year, maple syrup is growing in popularity. Its syrup is a natural sugar, which is composed of over 50 beneficial compounds, namely one named “quebecol” in honour of its biggest global producer, Quebec. Maple syrup is obviously an integral part of our culture and our recipes since it’s a product that is readily accessible to all those who live in the province. It is more than likely to find Lire la suite…

Repairing or replacing a windshield. What to do?

Clifford St-Rémy et Alexis Bernier Auteur Lareau - Clifford St-Rémy et Alexis Bernier

The windshield is an important element of your vehicle: it fits into its structure, as much as the roof and doors. The windshield prevents the roof from caving if you roll over, allows the airbags to deploy in the right direction to protect the passengers and stops you from being thrown out of your car if a serious crash occurs. A tiny chip in your windshield can seem meaningless but think again. The question you have to ask yourself is whether to fix it or replace it. Repairing your windshield Your windshield that needs to repaired because of a star break or a chip is covered by your insurance company — without you having to pay a single penny — if you are protected by Chapter B3 (Comprehensive coverage), commonly referred to as “fire, theft, vandalism”. On top of being Lire la suite…

Your home-based business: is it insured?

Marie Claire Dansereau et Kim Wesley Auteur Lareau - Marie Claire Dansereau et Kim Wesley

You’ve decided to follow your instinct and become an independent worker. You’ve invested your time and money to make your dream a reality. After several weeks of planning, your business is finally up and running… from your home! You’ve notified your clients, your suppliers — you’ve thought of everything… well, almost everything. Have you called your insurance broker to communicate this change to him? You should know that in case of a loss, not having reported your business to the insurer could invalidate your claim. What does “business” refer to? Any continuous or regular pursuit undertaken for financial gain including a trade, profession or occupation. If you’re a hairdresser, an accountant, a interior decorator and you welcome your clients into your home a few evenings a week to offer them personalized services, your broker must be made aware of this. Lire la suite…

My work, my passion

Danielle Ouellette Auteur Lareau - Danielle Ouellette

It happened on a Wednesday, on May 16, 1984, to be precise. Everything was set into motion on that day. Here is how my story began. At the tender age of 21, I had gotten an interview to find a job in insurance — even though this was an industry I knew nothing of. The month of May is a very busy one for all insurance firms so you can only imagine what I was getting into… I arrived for the interview with my head held up high on my 5 feet 6 inches frame. As the interview progressed, I saw my chances fade away because I had no insurance knowledge. At the end of my interview, I took my biggest gamble to date — I offered my services for free for the next two days, which were Thursday and Friday. To my Lire la suite…

The tiny house: an insurance that measures up?

Jessie Hébert-Barbeau Auteur Lareau - Jessie Hébert-Barbeau

Although the number of children per household has considerably decreased in the past few decades, our living space has increased. Since the 80s, the average size of a single-family home is a lot larger. In Canada, that number varies between 1,900 and 2,300 square feet. Seeing as more space translates into a bigger mortgage, more and more people have started to break away from the trend by downsizing and living in tiny houses. What is a tiny house? These small abodes typically measure fewer than 400 square feet. They come in many different forms and are used for an even bigger number of reasons. On wheels First of all, there are mobile tiny homes that are built on trailers and that don’t sit on a foundation. They can be moved around to suit your nomadic desires. This type of dwelling on wheels Lire la suite…

The holidays and your guests’ accountability

Gabrielle Côté Auteur Lareau - Gabrielle Côté

The holidays are fast approaching and you will be hosting your friends and family, getting your best outfits out and creating a festive atmosphere around traditional comforting meals. Afterwards, we take a few days off and we take in a big breath of freedom and happiness, sometimes verging recklessness! As a result, if your guest were to cause any damage to your home during these celebrations, did you know that as a tenant you could be help responsible? Your insurance contract Depending on the tenant’s insurance policy, the personal liability section of your contract states that you are covered for the following: Property damage — the building in which you live Physical damage — any person who gets injured in your dwelling Moral damage — any prejudice arising from remarks that might harm a third party The situation It’s December Lire la suite…

Does your insurance contract reflect your risk tolerance?

Martin Decelle et Jimmy Lussier Auteur Lareau - Martin Decelle et Jimmy Lussier

Martin and Jimmy jump out of a plane flying at 20,000 feet. Martin obviously has his parachute whereas Jimmy claims to not need one. Whose decision do you think is the riskiest? First of all, a risk is defined as an uncertainty in relation to the outcome of an event that could be positive or negative. You are right if you answered Martin. In the case of Jimmy, the outcome of his action is certain: he will unfortunately hit the ground. On the flip side, it is not certain that Martin will successfully land. What about when it comes to insurance? Is it crucial to have it right now despite so many weather conditions and daily accidents? Is it really useful to have to protect us against uncertainty? The answer is undeniably “yes” but each and every one of us reacts Lire la suite…

Street food reinvented by Les Grillades à Poudrette

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

For the majority of people, “grillade” (or grilling) is synonymous with almost anything that can be cooked on the grill. However, if you’re from Saint-Rémi or Valleyfield, this term means something very specific. “Grillade” is a thin slice of pork belly, which is the same part used for bacon, that is seasoned with salty spices and then smoked on a wood charcoal grill. Valérie St-Onge of VIVA-médias explains that this piece of meat used to be salted as a means of preservation. This would allow the pork belly to be kept longer and less of the meat, which was possibly not even available for purchase in the winter months, would be wasted in large quantities. Today, spices are simply used for culinary enjoyment! This typical meal was the prelude to quite an extraordinary menu for their food truck Les Grillades Lire la suite…

Entrepreneurship in Quebec is shaking up!

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

There is sometimes the false perception that the Quebecers have no entrepreneurial spirit, that Quebec is lagging behind others and that it is impossible to enter the market in this province. Then perhaps you’ll be surprised to hear that Quebec surpasses all the countries of the G7, besides the rest of Canada, when it comes to the ratio of entrepreneurs to overall population? Quebecers are ambitious, creative and innovative — this is enough to allow a province to outperform countries like Germany, the United States, Japan, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Quebecers go after more business opportunities than any other country of the G7 but 38.9% of them don’t go into business for fear of failure despite a favourable economic landscape. Other very interesting figures about entrepreneurship like the one shared above can be found on the Global Entrepreneurship Lire la suite…

Oil heating, to keep or not to keep?

Nicholas Brisson Auteur Lareau - Nicholas Brisson

  Many households are still heated by oil. Some of you may be thinking of switching to another source of heating to either save money in the long run or simply because your current heating system is obsolete. However, oil heating offers advantages that other heating options don’t. For example, if you are thinking of upgrading to an electric system, bear in mind that in case of power failure, you may be deprived of heat for hours. It may also be possible that your electrical panel is not strong enough to power your new heating system, which would translate into additional costs. Oil heating requires regular maintenance. An inspection of the heater and the tank should be performed on a yearly basis, the carbon monoxide detector should be in working order and be checked regularly, and the chimney must be Lire la suite…

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