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Recreational vehicle insurance: Protection for all types of travellers!

Nathalie Lepage et Roxanne Hébert-McKenzie Auteur Lareau - Nathalie Lepage et Roxanne Hébert-McKenzie

When we think back on our childhood, we can all recall an uncle or a cousin who had a trailer on a campground not too far from our home that we would visit. Those memories were usually cherished ones. We’d spend the day on the campground, have a casual dinner and talk around a campfire until the wee hours of the morning. Recreational vehicles were born over a hundred years ago. According to many historians, this would have been the first RV in 1910. It was then that Pierce-Arrow unveiled the first recreational vehicle equipped with back seats that could convert into a bed, a sink behind the driver’s side and a chamber pot. Let’s just say that today’s recreational vehicles have come a long way! However, RVs truly gained popularity in the 1960s. Today, there in no limit to Lire la suite…

Take a ride in my Camaro… But am I adequately insured?

Linda Pilotte Auteur Lareau - Linda Pilotte

It all started in Ontario in 1970. A man entered a dealership to buy the latest model of the Chevrolet Camaro and travelled the roads of Quebec in it. He even drove it as far as Napierville where he raced on the legendary Napierville Dragway. It was only 25 years later that I laid eyes on that Camaro for the very first time. She was for sale right, around the corner from where I lived, in a state that was a far cry from the one that had won over the original owner. My husband has always had a passion for old cars and we wanted to pass this passion on, from one generation to the next, to our then 15-year-old son. For this reason, we had decided to purchase this vintage car with the intention of returning it to Lire la suite…

Why does my neighbour pay less than I do?

Pascale Tremblay-Villeneuve Auteur Lareau - Pascale Tremblay-Villeneuve

Throughout our lives, we buy goods and services. Then, we hear about a friend or relative who bought the same thing we did—same make and model—at a different price. In stores, prices may vary, especially as a result of weekly specials, the supplier’s price, and the business’s strategy. But, with insurance, it doesn’t work the same way. So why would your neighbour pay less for home insurance than you? Below you’ll find the answer to this question. First, it is important to know that home insurance premiums vary according to several factors, not your property value alone, as many would think. Based on claims and the various incidents that can occur with regard to home insurance, actuaries gather data to establish correlations between various factors and claim risks. Your insurance premium will therefore be based on all of the characteristics Lire la suite…

Essence Glacier: Delicious ice cream made in Quebec

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

For a few years now, foodies—those epicureans seeking new culinary experiences—have been playing an ever-increasing role in the food industry landscape. This love of food is mainly driven by the youngest members of Generation Y. A study conducted by Piper Jaffray states that 2014 was the first year in which American teenagers spent more money in restaurants than in clothing stores. Spending a full day with your eyes glued to a computer screen will inevitably push you to want to connect with something real after 5 p.m. There is a growing thirst for stimulating experiences that will call on all five senses. This is why people want to travel, make things with their own hands, cook, and taste! The research firm Technomic determined in 2012 that 42% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 36 ate in a fine-dining restaurant Lire la suite…

Driving at night: Time to adapt!

Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

July 23, 9 p.m. You put your youngest in the backseat, doing up his seatbelt and tucking his blanket with him. You get behind the wheel and put the car in reverse—you’re at last ready for the 12-hour drive to Virginia. It’s finally vacation time! The afternoon was productive in making the last preparations for the next two weeks. The children’s suitcase is full—so much so that it’s spilling into yours. The grass is cut, and your sister has the house key; she’ll be coming to bring the mail in and water the plants. You made it to the pharmacy for last-minute purchases, such as the jar of sunscreen Justin knocked over earlier. The siesta you had planned after lunch was short-lived, but happily you’re now on your way to sun and sea! Night driving is an option that many Lire la suite…

Interesting facts about lending/borrowing a car

Derek Campeau-Schmidt Auteur Lareau - Derek Campeau-Schmidt

Nearly everyone has a driver’s licence, for which we pay the SAAQ each year. For those who have a car, they also pay the SAAQ for the plates, and they pay for car insurance. What is the SAAQ’s role? Does my car insurance meet my needs? These are the questions that I will be addressing today. The SAAQ Its role may not be well known, but the SAAQ takes good care of Quebecers. Founded by Lise Payette in 1978, Quebec’s public automobile insurance plan (Régime d’assurance automobile du Québec) is unique. It compensates victims of motor vehicle accidents and determines insurance contributions. The SAAQ also promotes road safety through awareness-raising initiatives aimed at improving road safety, and is responsible for monitoring and controlling road transport by implementing the Highway Safety Code. The SAAQ will compensate you should you suffer bodily Lire la suite…


Vanessa Fortin Auteur Lareau - Vanessa Fortin

In Quebec, it is extremely rare to find artists who are able to make a living from their passion. Society invests little in culture, and grants are difficult for artists to obtain. Throw in art enthusiasts (not all of them) who negotiate the price of a work that speaks to them directly with the artist, seeking the lowest possible price. Of course, spending lots of money on something that’s not practical doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. And it’s definitely not in our Quebec culture to do so. Art is a long-term investment. Consider London and New York City. These cultural capitals are in settings that have a longer art history than the province of Quebec, and they have created a place for art and its potential as an economic driving force. Investing in art is investing in our culture, history, Lire la suite…

Happy vacation, Facebook!

Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

Like a virus trying to find a way around antivirus software (or vice versa), a criminal will always try to find new ways to achieve his or her goals. Social networks are really useful to thieves nowadays…. You are relentlessly feeding their infinite hit possibilities. How so? July 17, 2015 post: Huuurrraaaaayyyyy! We’re done packing the car, finally! All ready to go! Headed to (let’s suppose) Cape Cod! (You understand that you can change Cape Cod for any other location more than 30 minutes away from your place.) July 18, 2015 post: Thumbs up, with a seal on the beach in the background. July 19, 2015 post: Beautiful sunset with (name of partner/spouse)! You’ll get tons of Likes on your posts. But, you are also revealing just enough information for a potential thief: your powerlessness to catch him or her physically Lire la suite…


Charles-Antoine Carra Auteur Lareau - Charles-Antoine Carra

Historically, moves always happen on July 1st in Québec. Although this has been part of our reality for many years (since 1974), it has not always been the case. The July 1st date was set by the government to avoid problems related to school changes. Prior to this date, May 1st used to be moving day but imagine the nightmare of kids having to get used to a new school right before year-end exams. So you’re moving and you’re wondering if your premium will increase or reduce in your new area? An insurer’s rating will vary depending on a great number of factors specific to each person. For instance, your age, your experience, your job, your insurable belongings, the state of your home, your credit score and other factors will be taken into account to calculate your premium depending on the insurer. However, Lire la suite…


Gabrielle Côté Auteur Lareau - Gabrielle Côté

The situation You think you don’t have that many valuable belongings. You’ve moved into your first place and you never thought it would be important to insure the equivalent of that suitcase of clothes you own. Don’t be fooled! A home insurance contract First of all, it is important to understand that the home insurance contract consists of two parts: property insurance and personal liability insurance. Insuring your belongings This section of the contract covers the goods you own, such as clothes, electronics, sports equipment, furniture, appliances, in short, everything—even the frames hanging on your walls as well as the tacks used to hold them up! If you are the victim of theft or if a fire destroys your home, would you be able to replace everything you own the very next day? Protection against personal liability  Many are unaware Lire la suite…

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